SanrioTown is a Sanrio-themed portal, community and social networking site. SanrioTown was set up in 2002 to be the official online community of Sanrio fans. The site offers a wide range of free and premium services, regular events, contests, and a lively community of users.

Here are some of the features of SanrioTown:​

  • Downloads - trailers, ecards, calendars, messenger icons, and much more

  • Arcade Games - flash games with game rankings

  • Forums - allows users to engage in discussions with other fellow members and use Sanrio themed 2D avatars

  • Dream Studio - a photo, video editing and sharing tool

  • Blogs - Online blogs for SanrioTown users

  • Integration of blogs, forums and videos to Hello Kitty Online.

For more information please visit www.sanriotown.com.

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