HKO Trash Busters: Celebrate Earth Day 2010!

Join Hello Kitty and her friends in a special Earth Day event on April 22 to April 26, 2010! Earth Day promotes awareness about what we can do to take care of our planet. As the world celebrates Earth Day, there's trouble in Hello Kitty Online – trouble of a messy kind! Who will save the day?

The Sanrio characters need your help to clean things up and make Earth Day special, so read on to find out more!

The Litterbug

A naughty Litterbug is roaming near Florapolis, dropping piles of litter along its trail. It's up to you to clean up after it, so gather up the litter from these piles until they're all gone. You can find the Litterbug walking back and forth between Florapolis, East Florapolis Valley, and South Dream Forest. Form a group with your friends to try to stop the Litterbug in its tracks, and you might be able to take all the litter away from this mischievous bug.

Be sure to keep all the litter you gather! You can give litter to Badtz-Maru for recycling, or give it to KeroKero Keroppi in exchange for cool rewards. The more litter you have, the better your rewards!

Earth Day quests

KeroKero Keroppi, Badtz-Maru and Cinnamoroll are spreading the word about Earth Day. You can find all of them in Sanrio Harbour. Each day they will offer a new set of quests, so check with them and see how you can contribute - they will reward your efforts generously!

The Secret Farm and the XT-Greenifier

The big challenge during Earth Day is hidden in a secret area tucked away in the woods of Sanrio Harbour. The secret area can only be accessed through an entrance beside Badtz-Maru (only available for the duration of this event). The entrance leads to a farm that used to be lovely and full of rare plants, with a greenhouse once renowned for its colorful flowers. Sadly, the entire farm is now covered in trash, and the monsters inside are preventing anyone from cleaning it up.

Badtz-Maru is leading the campaign to restore the farm to its original beauty, and he's using a special machine called the XT-Greenifier. It needs special items to run, so here's what you can do to help:

  1. Talk to Badtz-Maru and check the list of items that he needs for the XT-Greenifier. Each item is assigned a certain number of contribution points (item value).

  2. Gather as many of the items as you can, but try to focus your efforts on items that are worth more points. The item values change every day based on contributions from the previous day.

  3. Give the items to Badtz-Maru, and encourage all your friends to do the same.

When enough items have been submitted, the farm will become noticeably cleaner and a surprise will await players in Sanrio Harbour. The more items you give, the faster the XT-Greenifier can finish the job, so hurry before the path to the farm disappears at the end of April 26, 2010!

It will take quite some effort to see this farm cleaned up. Once the farm and greenhouse have been restored, special plants will appear inside. These rare plants yield special seeds that are only available through this event - it just goes to show that if we take care of our environment, it will take care of us too!

We hope you enjoy celebrating Earth Day with us. Good luck and have fun!