HKO Mole Mayhem: The great mole invasion!

Have you ever had pesky little critters pop up in your farm? Moles have always nabbed crops from farms all over Hello Kitty Online, but now things are about to take an unexpected turn! From June 11-13, 2010 participate in HKO Mole Mayhem, a wacky new event unlike any we’ve had before!

Deery Lou has organized an event to help everyone understand how to deal with the naughty moles. The Scarecrows have been turned to Scaremoles, and the towns have been filled with delicious fruits and veggie decorations to celebrate the event. But “someone” was not invited to the festivities, and so he’s planning to mess things up for everyone else!

Defend the cities from massive mole attacks!

A certain “someone” has convinced the great Star Mole leader that the real goodies are not on the farms, but in the cities! So now the moles are on the move, invading city after city, hoping to steal all the fruits and veggies. Only you can protect the civilized world from the great mole horde!

1. The moles have carefully scheduled their daily invasions. A few minutes before each attack, you will be alerted as to which city the moles are planning to invade and who is in charge of the city defense.

* First invasion      4:00 PM (server time)

* Second invasion      8:00 PM (server time)

* Third invasion      11:00 PM (server time)

2. Use your Sunbright Express train ticket to quickly reach the city indicated in the alert. During this event you can use the Sunbright Express as many times as you like free of charge as long as you have a Sunbright Express Ticket. You can get a special Mole Mayhem Ticket from city representatives (see below).

3. Talk to the Sanrio character representative in charge of the city’s defense, and accept the quest offered. The representatives for each city are:

* Beijing                   Deery Lou

* Paris                      Melody’s Grandma

* London                  George

* Florapolis               Scone

* Sanrio Harbour      Kappi

4. Once the moles arrive, find all 20 of them scattered around the city map and try to shoo them away. You only have 7 minutes to do so!

The moles are stubborn and will try to overrun a city 3 times before moving on to the next city. Defend each city through all 3 waves of invasion, and you will be rewarded by the grateful population! If the moles succeed, the fruit and veggie decorations will disappear, the moles will retreat with their loot, and you will not receive a reward (but you can try again during the next invasion).

City defense rewards

After each successful defense, all participating players will receive Dream Fragments. These can be used to purchase special buffs from the Party Masters in Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, London, Paris and Beijing. Having these buffs will definitely prove useful to you as you play Hello Kitty Online. Dream Fragments will not expire, even after the end of Mole Mayhem. Visit the Party Master to find out more about these buffs!

Unlimited Sunbright Express train rides for ticket holders!

You read right! Sunbright Express management wants to do its share help adventurers defend the cities from pesky invaders, so from June 11-13, 2010, all players carrying Sunbright Express tickets can ride the train as many times as they want! If you’re in Sanrio Harbour and the next invasion is in Beijing, just head to the nearest Sunbright Express station and you’ll be there in no time!

No ticket yet? Visit the Sanrio character representative of each city to see how you can get a special Mole Mayhem Ticket!

Mole awareness quests

During the event, you’ll also be taught about moles by some of the friendly folks in Hello Kitty Online. Learn how to fend off the moles on your farm, and help Sanrio characters as they participate in the mole awareness event.

On the last day of the event, June 13, 2010, Peter Davis will offer a new quest. This is your chance to come face to face with the mastermind of the mole invasion and find out who is the criminal genius behind these events!

Don’t forget to check the Item Mall for limited edition items! Good luck and we hope you enjoy Hello Kitty Online’s Mole Mayhem!