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Hello Kitty Seasons

Hello Kitty's First Nintendo Wii title!

Join Hello Kitty and her friends in their latest adventure - this time in the charming Sanrio Town! The first ever Hello Kitty title for the Nintendo Wii, Hello Kitty Seasons is an adventure-based game in which you manage the lovely little Sanrio Town by participating in various exciting quests and missions. The passage of time is marked by the turning of the seasons, which affect Sanrio Town in different ways and unlock new missions and challenges. As you progress through the game you will be able to upgrade the town, customize your avatar, collect in-game items including clothing and accessories, and much more!


  • See Sanrio Town in every season: unique look and challenges for winter, spring, summer, and autumn

  • Play dozens of mini games and missions to upgrade your town

  • Avatar customization and improvement

  • Multiplayer: players compete with each other


Platform: Wii


Hello Kitty Mission Rescue

"Presenting Love and Brave, Hello Kitty fights for her friends!"

Celebrating Hello Kitty’s 30th anniversary, Hello Kitty Mission rescue lets players traverse the       world and play as Hello Kitty or Badtz-Maru! With the help of other Sanrio Characters, Hello Kitty and Badtz-maru set out in an adventure to save their hometown from the invasion of the evil (yet clumsy) troops of Planet Block.

Unique features like solving tricky puzzles and time-based greetings are added to attract Hello Kitty fans as well as regular players. Unlockable characters will definitely make players re-play the game just to get them if they’ve missed unlocking them in their first playthrough. 

Sanrio Digital, in cooperation with Typhoon Games (HK) Ltd, developed this first 3D adventure game of Hello Kitty.  

XPEC Entertainment rating: Everyone.
Platform: PC, Xbox, Play Station, Game Cube